Premiers Visit – Tea Pot Florals
07 Apr 2016

Premiers Visit – Tea Pot Florals

A Premier Occasion…

So this month we had the great honour of being asked by the Mayor’s office to assist them in putting the Shire’s best foot forward. We were contracted to provide a number of table decorations for the Shires quarterly meeting with the Premier and his cabinet.

Mr Barnett and his cabinet were in the region to discuss a number of issues relating to our economic expansion, educational funding and job creation projects, most notably The Forum Expansion.

Whilst at the Counsel Chambers the Mayor’s office hosted the Premier and his team with both a mid-morning tea and lunch. Our brief was to create a high tea feel with pastel colours and vintage accents.

As such we provided a mixture of filled tea pots, tea cups and milk jugs. All were filled with fresh flowers in oranges, yellows, whites and blush pink pastel tones. More modern blooms like gerberas were mixed with native florals and structured foliage to create a sophisticate country feel. The vessels for these arrangements were mixed through on the tables to create interest through height variances.

The decorations though sparing were clustered to create pockets of interest on the tables. They were placed onto dual layer table runners of neutral champagne satin with a lace overlay, to provide a jacquard effect.

These table decorations are the perfect example of keeping your base elements neutral and allowing the florals to become the star of the show. Carefully chose florals provide texture and pattern with ease, and can dictate the feel of an event through their choice of colour.

They are a great example of a relatively in expensive table decoration which can lend itself to a number of functions. They provide the lesson that fresh floral centrepieces do not have to be prohibitively expensive. ‘Pedestrian’ or inexpensive florals when combined cleverly, and sparingly, with more expensive, premium flowers, assisted by either soft or structured foliage, can make as much of an impact as ten dozen roses.

So if you are looking for something simple, yet effective, for your next high tea bridal or baby shower then remember to embrace the chrysanthemum and remember to take a pair of scissors with you the next time you take a trip into nature!


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