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What can I hire?

You can hire anything from our hire product catalogue or wedding product catalogue.  Please note that we are always updating our stock and so a trip in to see us may also be worth your while!

How long is your hire period for?

Our normal hire period is up to 3 days.  Our prices are for the hire of our items, for the period of their hire.  We do not charge per day.

How do I know what I need for my Wedding, Event or Party?

We have a showroom at 64 Reserve Drive, Mandurah where you are able to come in and speak to us about your needs, alternatively you can contact us by phone.  Either way once you provide us with an idea of the kind of event you are having, we can guide you through your choices, and provide any other information you may need to know.

Can I view the items you have for hire?

Yes, we have a showroom at 64 Reserve Drive, Mandurah where all of our hire items are available for viewing.  We have photo albums available for wedding and corporate clients to view past styling.  Finally, we also have our marquee sized marked on one of our walls to give those customers an idea of size and proportion.

What hire options do I have for my wedding?

Lots!  We can set your entire room for you from start to finish.  We can simply give you a helping hand in setting up your bridal backdrop, bridal & cake table so that you can do the rest.  Alternatively you can hire everything that you need and we will leave you to it!

Do I have to know exactly what I need before booking?

No!  If you know you want chair sashes but don’t know the colour, that is fine.  If you are unsure on your centrepiece, but know you want one, then we can produce a quote with a generic item & price, and simply replace it later on.

Is there anything that I cannot DIY hire for my wedding?

The only thing that we do not let you do yourself is bridal backdrops.  For your safety and insurance reasons, we will always come out to set these up if they are required.

How do I make a booking for a wedding?

Once you know what you would like we will put together a quote and forward it to you.  If you are happy and wish to proceed then we ask for a 30% deposit to ‘lock’ your date in with us.  From there you have until two weeks before the date of the wedding to clear the remaining balance, which you can do any way you wish ie. Via regular deposits or lump sum payment.

How do I make a booking for event or party hire equipment?

Once you know what items you need, you need to simply visit, email or phone us and relay that information to us.  We will then put together a quote and forward it to you for confirmation.  Once confirmed you have the option to either pay for the goods on delivery or collection.  Otherwise you can either pop in to the showroom, or call us to make payment over the phone via credit or debit card.

What happens if requirements, numbers or colours change?

If you have any changes to your booking between the time you make it, and the event, then we simply amend your invoice to reflect the changes.  You will then either be refunded any overpaid monies, or your final balance will be altered.  You will only be forced to pay the full cost of an item, if it has been specifically ordered for you from either a third party & it is too late to cancel under their cancellation policy, or if we have purchased it outright specifically for your event.

How do I make a booking for a marque?

If you already have accurate dimensions for the area the marque is to go in then we will simply advise you on the appropriate size & style of structure.  If you are unsure about the area the marque is to go on then we will organise a free site visit to gather the information we require to be able to correctly advise you of your options.

Will you be able to stake the marquee into place?

This will depend on where the structure is going.  If you are on grass and know exactly where any reticulation runs then yes we can.  If the marque will span both grass and pavers/concrete then we can use a mixture of stakes and solid ballast.  If the marque is going to be just on pavers/concrete then we will only use slid ballast to secure it into place.

Can I simply hire the marquee and put it up myself?

No, for safety and insurance reasons all marques hired from us have to be installed, and removed, by our fully trained staff.

How do I find a venue that is available for hire?

There are a number of hotels and sporting clubs which are available for hire within the area, which can cater to different numbers, the contact details for which can be found here.  Alternatively there are a number of public venues and open spaces available to hire through the Shire, they can be found on the Shires web site here.

Do I need a licence to have alcohol in a public place?

Yes, you do.  Application needs to be made through the shire at the time the venue or reserve is booked, it is included within the general booking form and costs $30.  The form can be found here.

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